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Beach Riot

RIOT on the BEACH, party in the STREET.

From Beach to Street, we’re always turning out collections full of bright pops of color, bold prints and seriously luxe fabric. With our lineup of incredible fits, we’ve become a favorite of beach babes and gym-goers alike. We’re always gathering inspiration from our favorite locations as well as our community, as we take the lead in quality and design.So come with us on the endless search for the perfect sunny beach. Designed and produced right here in Orange County. Welcome to our world. Xoxo, Beach Riot

Designed in California

Most Beach Riot pieces are designed, made and sent out to you right here in Orange County, CA. We work with family owned, local factories to create the best of Beach Riot. This helps us cut out shipping from factories to our warehouse. In today’s world, American-made product you purchase not only supports our local community, it minimizes the carbon footprint on Earth.

Eco Friendly Packaging

From poly bags to mailers, we use eco-friendly products that break down in years compared to normal plastics taking centuries to break down in the earth.

Our Founder

Beach Riot founder and designer Nicole Hanriot-Tinkess has always had a love for beachwear and travel. Spending time at the beach has inspired Nicole’s style, whether it’s home in Orange County, or in the turquoise blue waters of Bora Bora. Studying fashion design in college, Nicole had no idea that she would be so drawn to designing swimwear, it happened one day when she was assigned swimwear for a school project. From there, Nicole fell in love with designing colorful and bright swimwear for a girl that was kind of like her. She made quite the name for herself as a former licensee and designer at SoCal lifestyle brand Tavik and soon, it came time for this designer to branch out. When Beach Riot was born, Nicole took bold colors, eye-catching prints and timeless designs, creating Beach Riot and launching the brand in 2012. The name "Beach Riot" emerged from a playful twist on Nicole's surname, Hanriot. Constant mispronunciations led to the perfect name for her new brand.

With the Beach to Street motto, Nicole continued to design amazing, wearable pieces for customers around the globe. Shortly after the takeoff of the brand, Nicole soon realized there was a hole in the market for activewear that really made a statement. In 2017, Beach Riot launched Sport Riot which embodies the same jetsetter persona with the lively colors and prints that fans have always loved. Becoming a mother has also influenced the brand, with the expansion into Mommy + Mini, Nicole now takes inspiration from her children to make those collections come to life. As Nicole and her family grow, she continues to design for her customers and their families, who have also grown along with the brand throughout the years. With the growing success of Beach Riot and more of the world to see, nothing is stopping Nicole from making her dreams a reality.

Beach Riot is more than just a swim brand; it's the feeling of confidence, individuality and the vibe of Southern California beach culture. - Nicole

Starting every season with a foundation of epic destinations, our team designs all collections with the perfect vacation in mind. Not to mention, all pieces can be worn from the gym to a swim. You can mix and match swim tops with active bottoms for a chic workout or pair an active top with swim bottoms for a supportive swim set.

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