What To Wear to Hot Yoga

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So, you’ve decided to turn up the heat and try hot yoga, that’s awesome! It’s time to put together a hot yoga outfit that you feel comfortable flowing in.

Well-Fitting Activewear

With other workouts, you may be able to get away with workout clothing that isn’t your exact fit – that’s not the case with hot yoga. This practice requires the utmost comfort and clothing that will stretch, bend and reform with you.

It can be distracting to adjust clothes while keeping your balance, so it really comes down to two things; finding a yoga top or bra that secures your chest and finding yoga bottoms that stay put regardless of the position.

Hot Yoga Tops

You’ll notice a pattern amongst most yogis when it comes to the tops they wear, they are typically close-fitting and definitely moisture-wicking. 

Black waffle sports bra topBlack waffle workout top

Loose workout tops, while airy and breathable in their own sense, aren’t the most practical option in yoga because of how dynamic the movements are. Even a simple forward fold can have a loose-fitting shirt sliding off your torso. 

Go for tanks, wide strap or racerback style, that hug the body closely. Pair cropped yoga tanks with high-waisted yoga bottoms or choose a longer option for total tummy coverage.

Supportive Sports Bras

Minimal clothing is totally acceptable when it comes to bikram yoga because your body heats up quickly. You can wear your favorite sports bra as a top. 

Those with smaller chests (AA–B) can probably get away with low to medium support bras, and those with bigger chests (B+) will feel more secure with medium to high support bras. 

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Yoga tops come in a variety of fun, strappy sports bra styles and unique cuts, but you can always rely on a high-neck or wide shoulder strap for a worry-free workout. Keep in mind that you’ll be bending over and doing inversions, so do a quick test in your outfit before you leave the house to make sure everything stays put.


Hot Yoga Pants and Compression Shorts

Like with yoga shirts, hot yoga pants are close-fitting to the body, though much more relaxed than compression pants that offer a tighter fit for muscle support. Yoga pants allow you to remain completely flexible without restricting movement. 

Hot yoga shorts are essentially the same design, but stop mid or high thigh in length. Whereas biker shorts are longer in length, with an 8”-11” inseam, yoga shorts can go as short as an 3” inseam. High-rise waists are the most popular options for yoga bottoms and are universally flattering too.

Keep in mind that while shorts may keep your legs cooler, yoga pants can help absorb sweat for poses that require skin-on-skin contact. Both work great, but it’s really up to personal preference.

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“Sweatproof” Colors

Perspiration is not the enemy, but a sign of a great workout! There’s no avoiding it in bikram yoga, but you might want to avoid sweat stains in certain places. 

The best way to minimize the stress of visible sweat is to choose colorways that mask moisture. This also depends heavily on the quality of fabric that the colors come in. Look for breathable polyester-spandex mixes that feel durable while stretched. You can always put a drop of water on the fabric to test how the color changes.

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These are the colors we recommend to minimize visible moisture:


  • Black – A staple in every woman’s workout wardrobe for good reason, black is the most popular color for yoga wear, as long as it’s in a quality material.
  • Busier prints – Patterned tops and bottoms are a great illusion that keep the eyes focused on the print and not on any potential changes in color.

Yoga Cover Ups

You may be wondering why you’d need a cover up after a heated workout class – because sweat turns cold as soon as your body stops moving. 

Keep a form-fitting runners jacket or quarter-zip pullover in your bag for before or after class. Puffer vests are a stylish way to keep the arms exposed but torso insulated and warm.

Black workout zip up jacketBlue workout jacketWhite boxy workout tee

Too warm outside to wear a jacket but still want something to throw on top of your yoga top? Try a loose-fit boxy tee or relaxed long sleeve shirt with mesh panels. They take up minimal space and are versatile pieces to have on-hand if you need to run errands.


What Shoes To Wear to Yoga

If you’re doing hot yoga or Bikram yoga in an indoor studio, the only shoes you’ll need are the ones to get you to and from class. The class itself will be done barefoot and is a great way to feel grounded and work on your natural balance. You’ll typically see people wearing flip flops or slides to hot yoga because they’re easy to slip on and off.

The only time you’d wear sneakers and tennis shoes would be for an outdoor yoga class, but even then, being barefoot is a wonderful part of the practice.

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What Else To Bring To Hot Yoga

  • Plenty of water – Hydrate before class and replenish after a successful workout. Collapsible bottles save space, while glass and stainless steel bottles are eco-friendly favorites. 
  • Hairbands and headbands – Essentials for any workout, try wide fabric headbands with grip. They’ll stay put while absorbing excess moisture.
  • Non-slip mat – No matter how much you sweat, these yoga mats are designed with extra-grippy materials that avoid slippage.
  • Microfiber towel – If you don’t have a non-slip mat, you can try placing a towel over your mat and see if it provides enough grip during your flows. It’s also great to have nearby if you need to wipe off.
  • Blocks and bands – For those who are committing to memberships, yoga blocks and bands are great accessories that support you in challenging positions.
  • Shower supplies – Many yoga studios have showers that include shampoo, conditioner, body wash and even hair dryers. If yours doesn’t, you can always keep travel-size toiletries in your workout bag. Don’t forget flip flops to wear while showering and a towel to dry off with.
  • Extra clothes – For wearing to and from class, running errands, or changing into after a shower.

Ready to elevate your hot yoga game? Put on a comfortable bikram outfit and enjoy asana with our recommendations and tips for staying cool.


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