What To Wear To Play Tennis for Women

Pink Tennis Dress

Don’t know where to start when it comes to tennis attire? We’ll cover all the basics to elevate your performance and keep you feeling confident on the court. Learn what clothing features to look for and what athleisure combinations work best for your game, for total beginners and seasoned players alike.

Main Considerations for Tennis Clothes

Tennis involves a few unique movements that differentiate it from other sports – lateral movement, directional pivots and serves and volleys. What does this mean when it comes to women’s tennis clothing? Prioritizing functionality, fit and comfort. It’s also important to dress appropriately for the weather.


The two main fabric features to look for in ladies tennis clothes are moisture-wicking capabilities and breathability. Luckily, most workout clothing has these technical features. 

Common workout fabrics that are moisture-wicking include:

  • Polyester
  • Nylon

For more functionality, our dresses and skirts include fitted shorts with side pockets.

 Active Dress with Shorts

Fit and Comfort

In order to feel confident on the court, you’ll want a tennis look that’s not only aesthetic, but fits well and is comfortable. 

Aside from proper sizing, which varies and is best decided by looking at brand-specific size charts, women’s tennis clothes that offers freedom of movement is the name of the game. 

Have you ever wondered if female tennis players have to wear skirts? They don’t – partially because skirts and shorts offer even more freedom to move and partially because the iconic tennis skirt is an ode to the sport’s heritage.

Black and White Tennis Dress

Simply put, if you’re just looking to get a fun workout in and not compete at the Grand Slam, there isn’t a tennis dress code and you can wear whatever’s most comfortable. And if you’re excited by the classic, preppy tennis aesthetic, we’ll give you inspo below to put together a fun outfit that’s still practical.

Weather-Appropriate Attire

The last thing to consider before you grab your racket is what the weather will be like, since most tennis courts are outdoors. But even if the temps drop, you’ll warm up quickly while playing, so keep versatile workout pieces in mind.

White Tennis DressNavy Tennis OutfitGreen Tennis Dress

For warmer weather, rock a tennis skirt and cropped gym tank or sleeveless collared workout top. Active dresses also make great options and have built-in compression shorts.

Black Check Zip PulloverPink Tennis OutfitNavy Blue Layering Top

In colder weather, you can wear the same options and layer up with sweaters, compression long-sleeve shirts or cropped front-zip pullovers. If it’s extra chilly, try a matching sweatpant and sweatshirt set that’s comfy-cozy but still elevated.

Women’s Tennis Tops

A wide range of athletic tops works for playing tennis, as long as you can move comfortably. Remember, you’ll be doing repetitive arm motions like swinging your racket, serving overhead and snagging balls, so it’s best to stay away from shirts with tight arms or restrictive long sleeves. 

Athletic Tops

Tank tops are a popular tennis option because you can move your arms freely, plus they’ll keep you cool during the cardio. Depending on your bottoms, you can try regular tank tops, high neck tank tops or cropped tank tops – all which come in workout-specific cuts and fabrics.

Black Athletic TopWhite Workout TankColorblock Workout Tank

Short sleeve or sleeveless shirts offer a classic tennis look that adds preppiness to your outfit. You can find collared tennis shirts and muscle tees that have matching bottoms in the same color or trim for a cohesive outfit.

White Cropped Muscle TeeNavy Collared TeeBlack Cropped Muscle Tank

While you’ll want to avoid tight long sleeve shirts, like compression shirts, looser long sleeve tees or long sleeves made of a cotton blend are still a good choice that won’t get in the way of your game but still offer a layer of added warmth. 

 Black and White Workout Long SleeveHot Pink Workout Long SleeveBlack Workout Long Sleeve

Sports Bras

With the rise in popularity of workouts like yoga and pilates, many sports bras are now designed to double as workout tops. We recommend a sports bra with medium to high-level support for tennis since you’ll be moving a lot. Thicker strapped sports bras, high neck sports bras, and racer-back or cross-back designs offer added support.

 Black Checkered Sports BraLight Pink Sports BraNavy Colorblock Sports Bra

Women’s Tennis Bottoms

Tennis Dresses 

Pink Tennis Dress

Activewear dresses are a one-stop-shop when it comes to tennis outfits – throw on sneakers and a hat and you’re ready to go. Find styles featuring an A-line waist or fit-and-flare, or dresses with one shoulder strap and side slits for a fun and flirty look.

Since sportswear is on trend, you can also wear your tennis dress off the court – add a cardigan around your shoulders and your favorite statement sneakers, or throw a long sleeve shirt under and pair it with tube socks and loafers for an added edge. Opt for active dresses in pops of color for a bold look or choose versatile neutrals.


Tennis Skirts

Black and White Tennis Skirt

Tennis skirts are arguably the most iconic wardrobe staple to the sport. They are most often mini skirts that contain built-in compression shorts and pockets, giving you freedom for horizontal movement. The most classic style is a pleated skirt, but they now come in pencil or A-line styles with features like thick waistbands and side slits.

Like tennis dresses, tennis skirts can also be paired with other favorites in your closet to create looks off the court. Try an oversized graphic tee tucked into a tennis skirt, or a cropped sweater with over-the-ankle booties.

Tennis Shorts

Black and White Tennis Shorts

Chances are, you already have gym shorts that would work well for playing tennis. Workout shorts can be classified in three main categories – running shorts, bike or compression shorts, and hybrid shorts that combine elements from the first two. The good news is that they can all keep up with your tennis moves and are functional workout basics.

If you do opt for bike shorts, look for thicker fabrics that prevent sweat marks and leg openings that don’t ride up as you play. Moisture-wicking fabric is your best friend when it comes to athleisure, keeping you cool and dry. 

Tennis Footwear

Tennis Shoes

The main things to consider when choosing tennis footwear are:

  • Proper fit No matter how cute, a small shoe can cause unnecessary soreness and a big shoe can cause unnecessary fumbles. Choose a sneaker that has a small gap between the edge of your big toe and the front of the shoe.
  • Support – Arch support is ideal when it comes to sports, especially ones that are played on solid grounds like asphalt or concrete tennis courts.
  • Low profile – Because the sport requires horizontal movements and quick pivots, tennis shoes are low-profile and designed to mimic your natural foot shape. 
  • Traction – Because of those same agile movements, make sure the bottom of your shoes have a solid grip that will support your movement as your body shifts weight and direction.


Girl Adjusting Workout Socks


As fun as swinging the racket is, it’s an undeniable workout. We recommend moisture-wicking socks for when your feet inevitably work up a sweat. Thicker socks will help prevent blisters and provide cushioning, and you can play around with no-show, ankle or tubesock styles that match your tennis aesthetic.

Tennis Accessories

Tennis Accessories


Tennis apparel for women isn’t complete without an accessory or two, and our favorites (and most practical) are hats that keep the sun and your hair out of your face. Low-profile dad caps and adjustable snapbacks work great, and you can create different vibes with branded logos, slogans or embroidery. 


Not only do sunglasses protect the eyes and reduce glare, they can also create different looks with fun shapes and colored frames or lenses. We always recommend polarized shades and styles that fit snugly so that they stay in place regardless of your next move.

Whatever cute tennis outfit you create, keep comfortability and freedom of movement in mind and you’re halfway to becoming a pro. Proper tennis attire will have you feeling that much more confident when you hit the court.

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