Gifts for Sporty Girls & Fitness Lovers

Searching for the ideal gift for a strong woman in your life? We’ve gathered a list of popular and practical ideas tailored to active women that will fuel their workouts.


Gym Gift Basket Ideas

If you can’t decide on one main gift to get your fitness chick, a workout gift basket is a great way to group a few smaller items together. Check out our women’s athletic wear below, followed by gym accessories and recommendations based on workout type.

Matching Activewear Sets

Matching activewear comes in many forms – yoga pants and matching bras, tennis skirts and matching tanks, bike shorts and matching crop tops – you name it. They’re made from breathable and stretchy fabrics that allow for freedom of movement, regardless of the workout. A quality set will last any fitness enthusiast for years to come.

Black workout setNeutral workout setRed workout set

Workout Jackets

Need a little extra something to throw on between workouts or for an early morning or evening session? A workout jacket is another staple to any gym wardrobe. Thumb holes create added warmth on the arms and pockets help store keys, headphones and other small gym accessories.

 Black workout jacket

Sports Bras

If you’re leaning heavier on accessories, sports bras are a good addition that are essential to every woman’s workout. They do, however, require a little more knowledge about who you’re gifting to. If you don’t know her bra size, ask a best friend or someone close to her that would have a good idea.

Black sports braRed sports braGalaxy sports bra

For the fitness girls who gravitate towards higher-intensity workouts, like running or cross fit, look for padded bras with lots of support. Think thicker shoulder straps, higher necklines and more coverage during quick movements.

Black checkered sports braHot pink sports braBlack and white sports bra

For active girls that enjoy lower-intensity workouts, like pilates or yoga, you can also explore tank-style and low V-neck sports bras. If she’s all about style, consider a one-shoulder style or fun print.

Cosmic colorblock swimCosmic colorblock sports braCosmic colorblock workout set

Active Swimwear

We love functional pieces, which is why we love active swim! Effortlessly take your bikini from your morning workout to an afternoon dip. Racerback and bralette swim tops double as sports bras and bottoms can be swapped out depending on the activity.

Gym Accessories for Women 

Choose an item above and pair with a few accessories, or choose a combo of accessories tailored to your fitness lover's workout – here are some of our top picks for fitness gifts outside of the closet.


Does your gym lover also love the outdoors? A towel is a universal gift that comes in handy at the beach, gym or even on a hike. She can keep it in the trunk and pull it out for an impromptu picnic or spontaneous adventure.


Every athletic girl loves a hat! Not only does it keep the face protected during outdoor workouts, it also keeps hair out of your face and makes for an incognito, here-to-grind look.

Opt for hats with logos from their favorite brands, and explore different fits that would match their unique style. Snapbacks are a popular option for adjustable fit.

Gym Bag or Tote

No trip to the gym is complete without something to store workout essentials in. Duffle bags provide plenty of storage for shoes, towels and a change of clothes. Backpacks work well for basics, like water bottles, a jacket and small personal belongings. Totes are another practical option with quick and easy access for belongings. Look for bags with zippers that help organize smaller items.

Headbands and Scrunchies

Hair in the face can be a distraction, especially when you start to break a sweat. Make sure your active girl is prepared with fun headbands or scrunchies so that she can focus on what she loves most.

Fitness Gadgets & Extras

  • Massage gun – Regardless of the workout, a massage gun loosens the muscles for quicker recovery. Plus, they just feel amazing.
  • Water bottle – An absolute essential for fueling the body. Bottles that are ergonomically shaped or have straps are a bonus at the gym.
  • Resistance bands – An easy accessory that will fit in any gym bag and elevate any workout.
  • Foam roller – Another holy grail for sore muscles and recovery.
  • Workout mat – Come in just about any color and design and are great for yoga, floor workouts or stretching.
  • Slides – Slide sandals are lightweight and make for great transition footwear between the gym and home. They can also be worn in the gym shower.

No two workouts are created equal! For more workout gift ideas that are sport-specific, read the sections below.


Pilates Gifts

Activewear Jumpsuit

Red workout jumpsuitBlack workout jumpsuit

One-piece activewear is on trend, but it usually calls for a specific workout like pilates. Jumpsuits offer comfort and support for class and come in a variety of styles. Look for ruching and peephole details, and don’t be afraid to own the look in a bright color!

Pilates Accessories

  • Grip socks
  • Resistance bar
  • Mini ball
  • Floor sliders


Crossfit Gifts for Her

Women’s Crossfit Clothing

Black sports braBlack workout tank

Crossfit requires a lot of movement, so fit is extremely important when choosing an outfit for this type of workout. Spandex and bike shorts are a popular option that stay put while keeping you as cool as can be during an intense class. Yoga pants are good options for lifting days.

Pair tees and tanks with a supportive sports bra – quick-dry and moisture-wicking options help keep you dry. If the class requires its fair share of ground workouts, a shirt with a covered back could be helpful.

Crossfit Accessories

Some additional gift ideas for Crossfit:

  • Weightlifting grips
  • Journal to track sets and reps
  • Athletic tape
  • Jump rope


Golf and Tennis Gifts for Her

Women’s Tennis and Golf Clothing

Black and pink colorblock workout dressWhite workout dressGreen tennis dress

While tennis and golf are very different sports, their clothing has a lot of crossover, partially due to their preppy heritages and partially because they’re both typically played outdoors.

Embrace the collegiate style with workout dresses and skirts, and add a matching top for a more refined look. Skirt slits and striped waistbands and necklines create fun looks that will have her feeling that much more confident on the course or court.

 Golf Accessories

  • Hat
  • Golf towel
  • Golf gloves
  • Balls and tees
  • Ball markers

 Tennis Accessories

  • Visor
  • Headband 
  • Racket bag
  • Patterned grip

Hopefully you’ve gotten a few ideas of what you can get your fitness lover and discovered the many options of gym clothes that accommodate different workouts. Whatever you choose will have your sporty girl fueled for her next workout!

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