Gifts for Beach Lovers

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Whether it’s seaside comfort or ocean activities, discover a gift on our list that’ll make your beach-goer’s days more blissful. Capture their relaxed, carefree spirit with any of the types of beach gifts below.

Swimwear Gift Ideas

Swimsuits make a great gift for ocean lovers because it’s the number one essential for getting in the water. Choosing swimwear usually comes down to style, comfort and individual preference.

black two piece swimgreen one piece swim

Bikinis vs. One-Pieces

Bikinis come in a variety of styles – triangle tops and tie bottoms, bandeaus and high waisted bottoms, high-neck tops and cheeky bottoms – the list goes on. The best thing about bikinis is that they offer the option to mix-and-match. 

If your beach lover is into activities like sand volleyball, swimming or SUP-ing, you’ll want to opt for a suit that keeps them feeling comfortable during movement. If they’re more of the suntanning type, a bikini with less coverage might suit them better – think strapless tops and skimpier or high-leg bottoms. 

One-pieces and monokini style swimwear are also popular options, particularly for those who prefer more coverage or could use the added barrier on their stomach for water sports like surfing. They create a more classic silhouette that’s universally flattering but come in many variations of their own, featuring different strap options, waist details, ruching and bum coverage.

You can never go wrong with choosing a suit style they already wear and just getting them a newer or more quality option.

Colorblock one piece swimLeopard print two piece swimRed cable one piece swim

Colors and Patterns

Once you’ve decided on the style, you’ll want to hone in on colors and prints. Black swimwear is a staple in every woman’s lineup, but if your beach goer is bold, try a color they love wearing. Color-blocking has also made a major comeback which makes for even more options when mixing and matching.

Take it one step further with a fun print – leopard, floral and stripes never seem to go out of style. There are also more subtle prints like plaids or anything monochromatic. 

White two piece swimWhite two piece tie front swim

Classic vs. Trendy

If your ocean lover is more of a simple, low-key girl, a classic swimsuit could be a good choice. Think triangle tops and medium coverage bottoms or single-colored one-pieces. V-neck swimwear looks great on just about everyone and tie-front tops are visually flattering.

If your giftee already has her favorite swimwear basics, we’re all for sporting new trends. Retro-inspired swimsuits have made a comeback, featuring high-waist and high-leg bottoms. High-neck styles and even one-shoulder styles are fashionable options that also provide good coverage.

Sizing Tips

If you’re in the dark when it comes to sizing, you can always reach out to a close friend who might now. If that’s not an option, use the size chart below as reference. Many swimwear sites now feature models with different body types that can also help you.



Bust (in)

Underbust (in)

Waist (inches)


























Pro tip: Look for adjustable features like straps with sliders or back closures with varying lengths. 

Beach Accessories Gifts

  • Beach Towels – Another absolute essential when going near the water, beach towels make for great versatile gifts. Grab an extra big one for someone who can hang at the beach for hours, or get a compact one for someone who’s always on the go.
  • Beach Bags – Though oversized totes are still the most popular and practical options, beach bags come in many styles suited to different beach lifestyles. Surf backpacks feature waterproof compartments for wetsuits and swimwear while cooler bags have insulated storage for food and drinks.
  • Sun Hats – More of a sporty girl? Try mesh snapbacks or baseball caps with fun sayings. More of a lounging girl? Go for straw sun hats or bucket hats that provide extra face shade.
  • Portable Bluetooth Speakers – Their favorite jams, any time, anywhere. Make sure the speakers are at least splash-proof so they can use them whatever the weather.
  • Beach Reads – Pick a book from their favorite author or an E-reader especially designed for outdoor reading. An online subscription to a publication you think they’d like is another fun option.

Beach-Ready Beauty and Skincare

  • Sunscreen and SPF Makeup – With the many benefits of sun-exposure, it’s still important to stay protected, especially for someone who loves being at the beach for hours on end. 
  • Beach-Friendly Haircare Products – Alongside cosmetics, haircare has come a long way to provide options designed specifically for not only sun exposure, but salt exposure that’s known to dry hair out. Get your beach lover a hair-protectant spray or hair mask that will help retain moisture and keep the locks luscious. 

Practical Beach Essentials

  • Beach Blankets – Mexican blankets are great for winter water sessions or summer campfires, while waterproof picnic blankets and thin, fast-drying cotton towels are ideal for beaching with friends.
  • Beach Chairs and Umbrellas – Useful gear for spending all day outdoors. Explore classic flat-lay styles, cabana-style sling chairs or even folding chairs with shade coverage built in.
  • Coolers – Coolers are another staple for any outdoor lover. If a cooler tote isn’t enough, look for padded coolers with comfortable carrying straps or backpack coolers that keep the hands free.

From practical accessories to bold swimsuits, finding a thoughtful gift for your ocean lover will make their time by the shore that much more enjoyable. Keep their favorite activities and personal style in mind and you’re sure to find something they’ll love.

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